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How to THRIVE on a raw food diet at home, work and on the go, with…

No Complicated Recipes, No Expensive Shopping List And No More Choking Down Boring Meals That Take Forever To Make!

If you'd like to experience a lifetime of vitality, mental clarity and focus that eating a raw food diet can bring you - plus maintain youthful enthusiasm and vigor into your senior years read this letter - IMMEDIATELY.

Dear Raw Food Enthusiast,

          News Flash: You absolutely do not need to know how every leaf you nibble on biochemically breaks down in your body. You do not need to buy expensive pre-packaged raw food meals. And you certainly shouldn’t be spending hours (or days) preparing your meals and snacks.

And those aren’t the only challenges you’re facing eating Raw!

Let's face it, if the answer to your achieving success at being raw were that you own 1000 recipes, or even 10,000 recipes, you'd be there by now!

"People everywhere want to lead healthier lives.
But when it comes to learning a new and unfamiliar cuisine,
it's hard to learn from books alone."

~from "Raw Food Riches" by Trevor Justice
cakeCan you forgive yourself when you're not perfect on your raw food diet?

Which of these mistakes have you made on your personal raw food eating plan?

Finally! Raw Food For The Real World will help you to discover the dietary secrets specific to your own unique needs. There is simply not a 'one diet fits all' approach. Never has been, never will be. 

If you've tried and 'failed' at a raw food diet, it's not because a raw food diet doesn't work for you. It's because you need to know how to tweak it for your unique needs – and starting on Week One I'm going to help you get there.

I'm going to share all my trade secrets which you won't learn anywhere else, and offer you loving structure and support - as much or as little as you need.

Don’t make this costly mistake about your raw food diet either…

If you don’t have EASY-PEAZY-to-make tasty options handy for all situations, plus a reliable repertoire of yummy quick-fix snacks and meals that fit your chaotic lifestyle, you’re going to cave in like an overdone soufflé to your old emotional eating patterns!

And then heap a huge helping of self-loathing and guilt on top of yourself for dessert -- guaranteed!

Did You Know Your Emotional Eating Patterns Are As Toxic And Addictive As Food?

Do you know that a LIFETIME of eating the toxic Standard American Diet (with the apt acronym of S.A.D) could take Y-E-A-R-S for your body to be cleansed from? And that the first few months can even feel like an addict going through withdrawals?

In fact, some say making the emotional transition to a raw food diet is even harder than being a recovering alcoholic because…

Alcoholics can live without drinking. YOU, on the other hand, still have to eat!

bad habitsWill your old emotional eating habits keep you from eating raw in public?

Has anyone prepared you to be able to tell the difference between getting the shakes, having headaches and the runs when you’re detoxing, as opposed to when you’re actually sick?

And, until you confidently have an arsenal of quick-to- make meals that work for you by combating both emotional and physical cravings, you’ll always end up ping-ponging between flashes of success as a raw fooder and self-sabotage.

The Raw Truth Is: It Takes 60 Days To Emotionally Establish Your Raw Food Repertoire and Routines.

In my experience working with THOUSANDS of raw food newbies, it often takes a VERY committed raw fooder at least SIX MONTHS to reroute their emotional eating routines and establish a raw food repertoire for confidently eating Raw ANYWHERE, ANYTIME…

Fortunately, I've developed a simple step-by-step program that shows you how to safely and sanely condense this Six Month period down to 60 Days.

And yet, most raw food “coaches” and “gurus” want you to rapidly change each of your entrenched eating habits in 30 days or less?

Which is why you’ll want to BEWARE of the misinformation epidemic infesting the internet about raw food…

Every day, swarms of poorly trained, inexperienced people who've been eating raw for 3 months suddenly feel qualified to “coach” and slap up a website to zealously share their flash in the pan protocols for raw food “success”.

Unfortunately, their patch work approaches are based only on what worked for their body. And they often lack the seasoned wisdom to be flexible with you when their concoctions and “protocols” don’t work for your body and lifestyle.

Compounding the problem, you’ve got the raw food “gurus” preaching bizarre regimens made up of some exotic nut, fruit or weed extract as the only “super food” you’ll ever need – even though your body says otherwise while choking the stuff down.

hungryAre you setting yourself up for failure following skimpy meal plans many raw food “coaches” expect you to live on?

Only a scant sliver of “coaches”, “mentors” and even some “gurus”, have ever had any professional psychological or coach training.

If you really want your raw food diet to become a lifestyle you THRIVE on, then work with someone who’s qualified to give you the ongoing emotional support and tools you need to create a new and empowering relationship between yourself and your food.

Imagine Having The Satisfaction of Knowing How To Use Food As Fuel For Living The Life You Really Want.

What’s really motivating you to transition to the raw food lifestyle?

...Or maybe you just want to be a happy, loving Mommy instead of grumpy irritable Mommy who’s tossed in and out of foul food comas* all day long?

(*food coma: something a lot of people apparently think is normal, where you feel very sleepy and 'out of it' anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours after eating. THIS IS NOT NORMAL!)

Eating as an act of love is totally possible - IF you’re willing to be shown how to develop a reliable repertoire of scrumptious raw meals and snacks that work for you and that you can easily make anytime, anywhere and in any situation, so you can effortlessly…

You DO NOT Have To Eat A 100% Raw Diet ALL The Time!

Here’s something else that will shock you…

unsureHow’d you like to always feel GREAT no matter what foods you choose?

And if most other raw “gurus” are honest, they’ll tell you they sometimes eat cooked foods too! The difference is none of us freak out about it when we eat these things – we simply allow ourselves to ENJOY them and carry on with the rest of the day drama-free.

Of course there are some 'tricks' to this – ways to keep yourself on track with your goals, which we will talk about during our two months together.

Sure, there are times when they – and you – may want or need the extra detox benefits of going 100% raw for a few months, or even choose to be a on a green smoothie or juice fasting diet to fine tune your health or eliminate specific health challenges like I did. Just know…

...An effective raw food diet is really a matter of DEGREE.

I’d rather see someone eat 50% raw for the rest of their life than 100% raw for 3 weeks and then quit because they got bored eating the same things every day, or worse, made themselves feel like a failure because they weren't being “perfect”.

The key to emotionally thriving as a raw foodie is to focus on eating a “High” Raw Diet instead of a 100% “perfect” raw diet.

(**Please Note: I have designed this program for everyday raw food people. If you have a potentially life-threatening illness, my advice to you would be different.)

Which Is Why I’m Uniquely Qualified To Help You Thrive On Your Raw Food Diet…

Because I will NEVER shove a 100% raw diet down your throat.

In Fact, In The Beginning I’m Going To Baby You... And tell you each step to take so by the end of this coaching course you’ll know how to finally trust yourself and create a happy new relationship with your body and food.

Your Coaching Will Be Custom Fit To Your Needs... I will be giving you specific guidelines on what to do based on what you want to get out of these 2 months we'll be spending together. It all starts on Week One and continues in tele-seminars (audios), videos, bonus Q & A's and weekly well-written, easy to understand guidelines that include all your recipes, grocery and pantry supply lists, simple alternatives for when you 'have no time', tips and tricks it's taken me 30 years to develop designed to keep you happily on track, quick snacks so you don't succumb to eating 'stuff' others have in the house, make ahead recipes, foods you can freeze, and-in Week Two-important guidelines that explain how to tweak the menu plans you've been given for your own special needs-such as:

...or anything else you might like to address.

In case you’re wondering about my credentials... here are some of them....

The Raw GourmetMy original book has sold over 250,000 copies.
Raw Food CelebrationsMy second book consistently makes raw food best-seller lists too!
What Do Raw Fooders EatThis book created a huge raw food buzz!
What Do Raw Fooders Eat

Written in response to the HUGE SUCCESS of the first one! Volume 2 is now available: A full color book-shipped to you is climbing up the raw food charts ~ Learn by example.

I have a degree in psychology, which has served me well in helping people deal with the emotional aspects of changing their diet, and in being able to evaluate potentially useful supportive therapies.

I worked for 5 years at the world renowned Hippocrates Health Institute, and I've also been a certified Hippocrates Health Educator for over 20 years!

I've been guiding people on the raw food path for almost 20 years via my bestselling books, private consultations, online coaching classes and giving workshops all over the country.

I’ve also personally experienced many of the health and emotional challenges that are likely making your transition to raw a challenge…

In 1987, I was suffering from severe, painful digestive issues plus fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, mood swings, allergic sinusitis and candida.

My personal health struggles were deeply affecting my quality of life before I went raw. At age 44, I had far too many health challenges and symptoms I simply couldn't ignore.

I had just moved to San Diego CA during the Christmas season, and I felt much more ill than usual because of all the foods associated with the holidays. A co-worker recommended a holistic physician in the area. At his suggestion I began to eat about fifty percent of my food raw – and I began to feel better almost immediately.

Within a year I was eating a 100% raw food diet, which resulted in me finally saying good-bye and good riddance to my nagging health issues.

Through the helping hand of fate, I went to work for the world-renowned Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida as their Health Educator Coordinator. I was also a Program Counselor and spoke with people who were on the spectrum from gravely ill to those wanting to avoid ever becoming ill.

Impressed with the scope of the Health Educator Program, I became a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator myself.

By 1996, I was teaching raw food preparation classes, and (believe it or not) at the time there was very little up-to-date written information available and certainly no books focusing on tasty recipes.

A modern recipe, resource and information book about raw food was desperately needed. Even though several other books were published shortly after mine, 'The Raw Gourmet' has earned the reputation as being an essential tool for people who are new to raw food.

I have personally been following a raw food diet for almost 30 and teaching and writing about the Raw Lifestyle for almost 20 years.

Teaching private classes to groups of 20-30 people is fun and yet I can only reach a fraction of the people that need help that way. And frankly, the one week live, in person, intensive workshops I occasionally conduct are not practical for most people to attend – in terms of both time and finances.

That’s why I've developed this unique two-month long multi-media coaching program so anyone who wants to find out how to THRIVE on a raw food diet for the rest of their life can easily do so.

Raw Food For The Real World Teaches You EVERYTHING You Need To THRIVE On Your Raw Food Diet In Just 60 Days, Including…

And If All That Weren’t Enough – You’ll Love These Special Guest Instructors I’ve Lined Up For You…

In order to give you a holistic approach to making meaningful raw food changes in every part of your life, I've invited some of the most brilliant (and compassionate) raw food and wellness educators in the world to share their best tips and techniques with you, like...

Dr. Rita Marie Loscalzo – MS, DC, CCN, DACBN, Women’s Fatigue Expert & Vibrant Health Mentor

Dr. Ritamarie is a leading authority on Nutrition and Health. She's an author, speaker and health practitioner with over two decades experience empowering health through education, inspiration and loving care. She's a doctor of chiropractic with certification in acupuncture and clinical nutrition, a Diplomat of the American Clinical Board of Nutrition, a medical herbalist, and a certified living foods chef, coach and teacher.

Dr. Ritamarie marries ancient healing wisdom with modern scientific research to create your personalized road-map to vibrant health. She's a master at unraveling the mystery of your unique biochemistry and designing diet, lifestyle and nutrition programs that fit your individual needs.

She specializes in hormone balancing, detoxification and women's fatigue issues using a fresh plant based diet, supportive lifestyle habits, and food-based and herbal supplementation as needed. She's been teaching the power of raw and living foods for over two decades and she lives the vibrant life that eating this way creates.

Nick Ortner – EFT Expert & Creator of The Tapping Solution

Nicolas is the founder of Try It Productions and Tapping Insiders Club. When he found Tapping, and was startled by the results, he knew he had to find a way to get this information into the mainstream.

He also produced “The Tapping World Summit” – the worldwide online event which has been attended hundreds of thousands of people (all for free!). During our tele-seminars Nick will be teaching the group how to effectively use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to address issues that are of concern to you and help enable your transition and continued success on your raw food diet as well as any other health or emotional issues that are of concern to you.

Victoria Boutenko – Raw Food Wellness Expert & Bestselling Author

Victoria is the author of Green For Life, Green Smoothie Revolution, Raw Family Signature Dishes, 12 Steps to Raw Foods, Raw Family and books. She teaches classes on raw food and nutrition all over the world.

As a result of her teachings, thousands of people in numerous countries have significantly improved their health. She continues traveling world wide sharing her inspiring story of natural healing.

Victoria will be addressing issues about green smoothies – a great way to start your day or to simply have a rest from eating heavy foods.

What she has to say surprised me and changed my life in a positive way, and I look forward to sharing that with you.

Dr. Bruce Fife – Naturopathic Physician & Detox / Coconut Expert

Dr. Fife, C.N., N.D., is an author, speaker, certified nutritionist, and naturopathic physician. He has written over twenty books including The Detox Book, The Healing Crisis, Coconut Water for Health and Healing and Eat Fat, Look Thin.

He is the publisher and editor of Healthy Ways Newsletter and serves as the president of the Coconut Research Center, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to educate the public about the health and nutritional aspects of coconut.

Dr. Fife is recognized internationally as the foremost authority on the health and nutritional aspects of coconut and related topics. He is often referred to as the "Coconut Guru" and many respectfully call him "Dr. Coconut."

I am honored that Dr. Fife has agreed to speak at one of the tele-seminars about cleansing, healing and detoxification, based on his book The Detox Book. We will also be talking about all things coconut!

Trevor Justice – Creator of the Vegan/Vegetarian Mastery Program

Trevor has been a vegetarian for almost 30 years. In 2004, he began teaching classes and helping people balance raw foods with healthy cooked foods. In 2009, he founded The Vegetarian Health Institute and teamed up with Michael Klaper, M.D. and a variety of respected cookbook authors to create The Vegan / Vegetarian Mastery Program.

Not everyone chooses to eat 100% of their food raw, but many people are confused or concerned about what the best cooked vegan foods would be. After a period of being 80% raw, Trevor discovered the biggest mistake that most people make on a raw food diet and he will be addressing this in our time together as well as sharing some healthy 'cooked' recipes.

Susan Schenck – Raw Food Activist, Acupuncturist & Coach

Susan is the author of The Live Food Factor: The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit & Planet, which won the 2007 IPPY award for "Most Progressive Health Book of the Year". Susan's latest book, Beyond Broccoli was published in 2010

Susan has a Master's Degree in Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and is a Licensed Acupuncturist. Susan is a raw food activist, coach and lecturer based in Cuenca, Ecuador.

The Live Food Factor is a comprehensive book that covers many aspects of living a raw food lifestyle. We will be discussing some topics from this book as well as her bonus book on weight loss.

This interesting lady is sure to spark interest – and at times disagreement – where all sides of diet are discussed as we seek our own answers.

This Is Your Opportunity To TURBO CHARGE Your Raw Food Program -- And Your Life!

With the decades of raw food wisdom you’ll be learning from, this course fills in the crucial gaps that have been holding you back from being a successful raw fooder. You'll discover what it takes to thrive in the raw food lifestyle with zest, joy and energy, by knowing exactly what to eat, how to prepare it and how to deal with all situations.

Turbo means power and speed-- You will feel empowered to learn FAST, make raw food FAST and feel the results of eating raw FAST.

Regardless of your background, race, nationality, gender, socio-economic position, education or industry you CAN NOT live your dreams without good health…

If you're like many people, you've read conflicting information about raw and living foods. Many of these books or blogs/websites tell you there is just one right way to do it; this is misleading.

Worse, they contradict each other. Often leaving you more confused and frustrated than before you started educating yourself!

Most books have trained us to GIVE OUR POWER AWAY to the author who assumes the role of guru, dictating what to do -- without knowing anything about YOU.

This is a VERY difficult paradigm to leave behind on your own…

While you are the only EXPERT on what is the optimal way for you and your body to relate to food, in this course I will take you by the hand and walk with you as we discover together what a healthy, vibrant raw food lifestyle looks like for you.

Don’t Worry, You DO NOT Need To Know Everything On Day One…

In this supportive program we’ll use the first month to help you establish a practical Foundation for eating raw, covering:

By the end of two months of following the program, I promise your confusion and doubt about eating raw at home, work and on the go will be a thing of the past.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up…

Others Have Paid: $2608.00$1640.00 for this information separately

Some Of The Topics We’ll Discuss On The Weekly Teleseminars Include…

(Note: All Seminars are recorded for you to keep and listen to whenever you’d like)

This Is Your Passport To Safely And Sanely Eating Raw!

If you're serious about achieving superb health, and the success and happiness that comes with it -- then now is the time to make an investment that will continue to pay healthy dividends the rest of your life!

When you've finished this comprehensive 2 month program (tele-seminars [audios], eBooks, LIVE online group with Nomi, guest speakers, Q and A's) you will have on demand access to over 100 combined years of wisdom from world class raw foodists at your fingertips so you…

Take Advantage Of My Risk-Free Offer Today, And You’ll Also Get These 7 Super Bonuses…

BONUS #1: Balancing Your Hormones ~ Empowering Actions You Can Take Right Now-MP3 and pdf (tele-seminar and 2 eBooks) By Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (Value $50).

Fatigue Freedom Formula ~ Dr. Ritamarie LoscalzoIn this fantastic bonus, Dr.Ritamarie offers a selection from her Fatigue Freedom Formula program, a tele-seminar on Balancing Your Hormones through diet, lifestyle and whole foods nutritional supplementation. This includes a 90+ minute audio, an enhanced transcript and a study guide containing diagrams and charts that simplify these complex topics.

BONUS #2: Eliminate Food Cravings Using Meridian Tapping ~ with Jessica Ortner Video (Value $10.00)

Eliminate Food Cravings Using Meridian Tapping with Jessica Ortner VideoMeridian Tapping is an emotional version of acupuncture where we stimulate certain meridian points by tapping on them with our fingertips.  In this video Jessica Ortner, producer of the documentary film "The Tapping Solution" will show you how to quickly eliminate unhealthy food cravings that hold you back from eating the nutritious, life giving foods that you'd like to be eating.

BONUS #3: Uncommon Fruits eBook ~ by Victoria and Valya Boutenko(value $15)

Uncommon Fruits eBook by Victoria and Valya BoutenkoThis unique book teaches how to open, prepare and serve rare, exotic, and scrumptious fruit. The book is illustrated with almost 100 color photos that make the instructions visually easy to understand. Enjoy durians, jack fruits, coconuts, cherimoyas, and many other treats offered by Nature!

BONUS #4: Restaurant Survival Guide For Vegetarians and Vegans (ebook) ~
(by Trevor Justice (Value $15)

Restaurant Survival Guide For Vegetarians and VegansStop letting restaurants sneak animal fat, stock, and gelatin into your meals. Besides the usual culprits – chicken stock, lard, and oyster sauce – discover the 39 other restaurant foods often made with animal byproducts.

BONUS #5: Learn to Make Amazing Gluten Free Living Bread: Turn Whole Raw Foods into the Ultimate Comfort Food ~ by Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo (Value $27)

Dr Ritamarie Living BreadIn this video class you’ll learn to make buckwheat sandwich bread, nut based sandwich bread, carrot raisin loaves, pizza crust and more!  There’s no need to feel deprived when you decide to make healthy changes in your diet.

BONUS #6: Little eBook of Raw Soups, ~ by Nomi Shannon (Value $7)

The Little Book of Raw Soups

This ebooks is essential for any beginning raw fooder who wants to quickly and easily build their raw food repertoire.

BONUS #7: Kitchen Design With Raw Food in Mind ~ a Nomi Shannon original (Value $16.95)

Whether you are a raw fooder, a whole fooder or Vegan and Green (or all of the above) you will find hints, tips and design concepts that will answer questions perhaps you never even knew you had about how to have the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle.

Why Spend YEARS Struggling To Figure Raw Food Out On Your Own?

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Raw Food For The Real World

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Others Have Paid: $1640.00 for this information separately

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Once you begin Raw Food For The Real World with Nomi, try it out for one full week. If after following the program, reading the eBooks, listening to the teleseminar, you haven’t gained some benefits to help you on your raw food path, I’ll completely refund your money, no questions asked. And the bonuses worth $174 over $140 are yours to keep, so order now!

I am saying "Yes, Nomi. I'm ready to take this first step and turbo charge my life and my health by joining you for two months in this transformational program now.

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The program is a risk-free $297 $197

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Even if I cancel, I come out way ahead because I get to keep over $140 in bonuses and that’s a guaranteed plus no matter what I decide!

I look forward to taking you under my wing,

nomi shannon

Nomi Shannon Bestselling Raw Food Author, Chef and Lifestyle Coach

P.S. I am extremely proud of this comprehensive program and the radiance, vitality and peace of mind about your raw food diet it’ll bring you. There’s simply no quicker or easier way for you to find out how to thrive on your raw food diet at work, home and on the go.

P.P.S. Too busy? Can’t spare the time? You're not alone. Yet strangely enough people can always find days, weeks, months and sometimes years to do things again—and again---after they get them wrong. But not the few hours it takes to find out how to do them right in the first place.

Quite simply, some folks can spend their entire lives re-inventing the wheel. The idea behind Raw Food for the Real World is to make sure you don't have to.

I will go so far as to say that every hour spent learning now will save you all those wasted days, weeks, months and even years in the future - not to mention the health benefits of getting it down now - not decades from now, and money you won't waste on medical bills….

To put it another way..how much time and health might you be losing by NOT taking this course now?

Go ahead and join me today, ORDER NOW!

Nomi Shannon

Nomi Shannon is an award winning author and world renowned raw food coach.

Her best- selling book, The Raw Gourmet, has sold over 250,000 copies.

From 2008-2011 Nomi received the following Best of Raw Awards: Best Raw Educator, Favorite Raw Chef, Favorite Raw Book (three times), favorite blog, favorite online store, and her personal favorite, Funniest Raw Woman. Along with Dr. Aris Latham and Chef Brian Lucas (BeLive), Nomi has been permanently inducted into the 2012 Rawll of Fame by Best of Raw Food Voters.

She's not only a certified Hippocrates Health Educator; she actually ran The Hippocrates Health Institute's Certification Course back in the early 1990’s.

Raw for over 30 years and still going strong at age 74, Nomi has been featured in Alive magazine, Get Fresh, San Diego North County Times, Galveston News, as well as numerous radio shows and other media.

Nomi is known for teaching people proven steps to keeping -- or regaining -- vibrant health. Her website www.rawgourmet.com offers breakthrough information, product reviews, delicious recipes, an ezine and an online course -- all free of charge. She also offers online coaching courses, her books, raw kitchen equipment, DVDs, phone consultations and live classes.

Since there's conflicting information about what's the "best" raw food diet, many raw fooders wonder what to eat. Nomi shows people a simple path to thriving on raw food and leaving the confusion behind. Just as important, she empowers people to whip up delicious meals quickly and easily, turning newbies into thriving home chefs practically overnight.

I searched the internet and found.. your program.., and that's what changed my life. The change has been dramatic. I have lost 25 lbs (which for a person who had never been overweight in her life was a huge weight gain). But more than that I have my energy back, I run around like a teenager, I am no longer in digestive pain, I am no longer depressed, my skin is clearer, I am regular (huge issue).

I also think I had candida and didn't know it but don't have it anymore. …your program was exactly what I was searching for without even knowing it and opened up a new world for me that I am thoroughly enjoying. I started it and have never looked back, and never will ~T. S. Florida

Hi Nomi,

Thank you for your generosity and endless patient answers to all our questions. You definitely changed my world. I am so fascinated about the raw food diet that I inspire everybody around me.

Lots of Love, ~Gaby, Ireland

Thanks Nomi I have more of a daily routine now. I have more ideas on how I can continue and stay consistently raw. I'm so loving the yummy souffle. I'm actually making it for my husband as part of our Valentine's tete-a-tete treats. P.S. Nomi, love your sense of humor. I sincerely hope that I get the live version someday soon. Ellen, New Canaan, CT.

I've appreciated Nomi's encouragement to JUST DO IT without judgment and delay. I've learned a lot of 'positivity' and much needed strategies.. I've also listened to the tele-seminars and have gotten a lot out of them. B. J. New Jersey

Nomi ~ What I love about you is that you are so REAL! Thanks for being transparent with us, and being such an encourager! That means so much to me. I love the green drinks, ...I love all the raw foods, and love to eat all the ingredients that are going in the soup...Joanie, Sacramento, CA

My two month plan is to do the 2 months all over. Connie, San Diego, CA

Here and there, I was playing with raw food recipes and then for the last year I have been flirting with going 95-100% raw. I would try but give up because it seemed so difficult to prepare a meal for my husband and sons and then turn around and prepare something different for myself. … I decided once and for all that I was jumping in. It seems like I have been in a battle for the past couple of months to stay raw. But this..first week has been absolutely amazing! I didn't know that green smoothies would save my life (okay yes that is a little dramatic but that is how it feels!) Much weight has been lifted from my shoulders already. I can't imagine how I am going to feel two months from now…Darlene, Amarillo, TX

Thanks so much for these fabulous recipes Nomi. I made onion bread a few weeks ago. The pizza is delicious! Last night I made Pad Thai - it was the BEST!! I'm making it again tonight with the leftover sauce. Anne D

I want to thank you for the course as I enjoyed it very much. Although I was one of the ones that didn't participate very much but learned alot..............take care......Wendy H., Ohio

Nomi, I definitely benefitted from the course! I particularly appreciated your responsiveness to our questions. Thank you for your generosity of spirit. I also appreciate your suggestion to consider a consult with Dr. XX. I send you the warmest of embraces and heartfelt thanks for your contribution to my wellbeing. All the best, Irene, FL

It has always been difficult for me to think creatively about the food I eat. I usually end up eating one food at a meal as a result. With your recipes and constant flow of information, you keep me inspired and thinking about all the great possibilities. I have tried your recipes and have always came away satisfied. I love raw foods and I love your recipes! Steven, Missouri

During your time with Nomi you'll have Nomi's gentle wit and wisdom to guide you and teach you how to tweak the program she's set out for you (complete with grocery lists!) to make it your own. ~ Joyce Kempis-Marot, France-attendee

I really appreciated this course Nomi. ..I really enjoyed going back through and listening to the speakers and events I missed, and being able to.. read over the eBooks. I think the biggest thing I learned was things don't need to be complicated. Just go into the kitchen and throw a couple of things together (experiment a bit) and get out of there. Even though it sounds silly, that was really helpful as I was making too big a deal over 'meals'. And I wasn't experimenting enough, and your unusual combinations (for me) were a real eye opener. … I too would love to see you if you're ever in my area!!

I also really appreciate the way your recipes taste. I have eaten so many raw food 'creations' that just weren't to my liking, and I'm a bit of a 'foodie' so that's important to me.

Your recipes are the best I've come across, and I can even get my husband to eat many of them. Plus they make me smile as they're things I wouldn't think of putting together if left to my own devices (parsnip avocado soup for example)! Kathy B.

I've been in the raw food world since 1999 – but was having difficulty continuing the lifestyle since moving to the east coast from CA in 2002. This course- the menus, and shopping lists have renewed my resolve., C.R. Texas

I LOVE your sense of humor, Nomi! And your attention to detail. I'll be there at the tele-seminar tomorrow night! Good night!!-Gail

It was such a delight to participate in Nomi's coaching program. I had taken a few online coaching programs, but nobody was as dedicated and supportive as Nomi. She spent so much time in the teleseminars answering our questions and gave us insightful advice not just about raw food but also about our other issues in our life. The weekly eBooks were filled with great recipes. These recipes were not only delicious but also very easy to make and required no hard-to-find ingredients. Many of them quickly became my favorite staple dishes. As a nutritionist, I can say that these are the type of foods that a person should be eating on daily basis to achieve optimum health. She also lined up a variety of speakers who were interviewed every week. They all gave us so much valuable information. I would highly recommend her program to someone who is embarking on a raw food journey as well as seasoned raw foodists. Chicako S., Wisconsin

Nomi, I am so blessed that I found your raw food coaching course!

The soups taste fabulous! I am so excited to have these recipes. I don't know why, but your soup recipes taste so much better to me than others I have tried so far. God bless you, Nomi, for giving me permission to eat green smoothies 3 times a day! LOL I haven't actually done that, but it feels good to think that I can. Darlene , Amarillo, TX

Raw Food for the Real WorldRaw Food For The Real World: No complicated recipes, No expensive shopping list and No more choking down boring breakfast, lunches and dinners that take forever to make!

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Final sign up date: January 12. 2016
All tele-seminars (audios) and videos are pre-recorded, and,
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Notes and Disclaimers:
You will be able to download all audios and eBooks, to keep forever. The videos can be bookmarked to watch whenever you like. At the end of the course, you will receive a Resources page with all the links to audios videos and eBooks to download to your computer.

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I have so much to share with you based on decades of teaching and doing things both the right way and the wrong way. Whether you are brand new to raw food, or a seasoned pro just looking for a renewal, these 8 weeks could literally be life-changing!

Note: This course is designed for the 'everyday' raw fooder. It is not a cleansing program, per se, although if you are completely new to raw food you very likely will experience some cleansing reactions. This course has not been designed for people who have serious health challenges such as cancer. A cancer protocol is a much more specific and strict program. As well, it is not specifically designed for people who have diabetes. We do go over how to adjust the diet for people with sugar issues, but if you have diabetes or serious thyroid issues, while this diet may help; please be advised that you should be working with your health care practitioner before you make any dietary changes. Nomi Shannon is not medically trained and can not give you any medical advice.